ISO Pipe Fitting for PE pipes DN ¾"- 2"

Product Description:

  • The ISO Pipe Fitting is the ideal plug connection for polyethylene pipes to MOP (PN) 4
  • Made from top quality material - polyoxymethylene (POM) 
  • The assembly of the ISO pipe fittings is clear and simple, just champfer, clean and push in. The elastomer O-ring also seals in pressureless state. The connection is elastic. The fitting can also be turned in assembled state. Using a special tool, the fitting can be disassembled if required. Assembly is simple and time-saving.
  • The protective elastomer cap prevents penetration of sand and dirt into the ISO pipe fitting
  • Always use support liner for PE pipes! For suitable support liners 


Technical Characteristics:

  • For PE pipes

    The internal threads for all PE pipes are reinforced with a stainless steel ring. See page 46 for assembly guide 
  • For PE- / CU Pipes

    This fitting provides a restraint connection of PE pipes with copper pipes. The sealing of the copper pipe is with 2 two mutually independent O-rings. 
  • For PE / plastic coated steel pipes

    This fitting provides a restraint connection of PE pipes with plastic coated steel pipes. In order to achieve an infallible sealing surface, the steel pipe plastic coating must be stripped in the area of the main seal (O-ring behind the clamp). 
  • Temperature range: operation: -10°C to 50°C Storage: -25°C to 70°C

1 Fitting body POM
2 O-ring elastomer
3 Clamp POM
4 Protective cap elastomer