HAKU Pipe Saddles Ø 50-315

Product Description:

  • For PE pipes to EN 1555-2, DIN 8074
  • MOP (PN) 5
  • The HAKU sealing system is the optimal sealing solution for borings on plastic pipes
  • The two rubber seals on the HAKU clamp embrace the entire surfaced area of the PE pipe and are fixed in the pipe saddle body
  • Multiple press formed sealing rings are present in the top layer rubber seal placed concentric to the bored hole. With an increasing cross section, the pressure applied is distributed over a broad area and thus protect the bore hole edges from deformation
  • Max. bolt tightening torque: M10 40 Nm M12 60 Nm M14 90 Nm


Technical Characteristics:

Compact Saddle body, of ductile iron, epoxy powder coated (see page 49)

2 Rubber seals of elastomer

3 Bolts and washers stainless steel

4 Corrosion protection ring of elastomer