Shut-off Saddle Strap

Product Description:

  • Universal Shut-off Saddle with internal thread outlet in accordance with DIN ISO 228-1 are to be used for assembly on cast-iron and steel pipes of DN 65 - DN 500.
  • Adjustment to the main pipe is carried out via the Hawle Strap and saddle seal (order No. 3113) in the corresponding nominal diameter.
  • In combination with a drilling machine, the shut-off system allows simple, problem-free tapping of the main line, even in operating condition. During the tapping process, the passage is provisionally shut-off with a Saddle Blade after the withdrawal of the drilling spindle. The Saddle Blade is available as an accessory. Fittings can be connected after the drilling.


Technical Characteristics:

  • Body and Cover made of ductile iron, inside and outside epoxy powder coated 
  • Seals of elastomer
  • O-ring carrier of POM
  • Screws of stainless steel