Universal Pipe Saddle DN 50-600

Product Description:


  • Always specify the type of pipe when ordering, cast iron or steel pipes!
  • MOP (PN) 5
  • Easy to assemble with flexible shackle
  • Favourable wrap angle
  • Torque tolerance of shackle bolt, 60-80 Nm


Technical Characteristics:

Compact body, of ductile iron, epoxy powder coated (see page 49)

Strap of stainless steel with protective rubber sleeve (Elastomer)

Saddle seal of elastomer, shaped in accordance with the pipe radius and fixed in the pipe saddle body

Freely accessible nut on stainless steel spherical clamping piece for No. 3505 or on stainless steel  cylindrical clamping piece for No. 3515

5 Corrosion protection ring of elastomer