Haku Hawlinger Pipe Drilling Saddle Haku Hawlinger Pipe Drilling Saddle

Product Description:

  • Haku Hawlinger are to be used for assembly on PE pipes in accordance with DIN 8074 and PVC pipes in accordance with DIN 8062. The two half shells are precisely calibrated to the respective external diameters. Deformation of the pipe is prevented by the connection of the half shells and their metallic stops.
  • The vertical internal thread outlet in accordance with DIN ISO 228-1 serves in combination with fittings for the service connection.
  • For all Hawlinger Shut-off Pipe Saddles occurs via a knife gate made from stainless steel. The knife gate is moved horizontally against fixed metal stops in a low wear housing.
  • Only a half-turn (180°) is required to open or close the passage. In combination with a drilling machine, the Shut-off system allows simple, problem-free tapping of the main line, even in operating condition


Technical Features:

  • Body and Saddle piece made of ductile iron, inside and outside epoxy powder coated
  • Spindle, excentric disc and knife plate made of stainless steel
  • Seals of elastomer

Product additions
Suitable accessories:
Handwheel: No. 7800
Extension spindles: rigid No. 9101
telescopic No. 9601
Surface boxes: rigid No. 1755
Base Plates: No. 3480, No. 3481