Service Valve DN ¾"-2" For PE pipes

Product Description:

  • Soft seated POM service valve with ISO connection at both ends for push in connection with PE pipes according to EN 1555-2, DIN 8074
  • Sealing system: the large elastomer surface in contact with the valve body ensure a tight valve with no leakage. Body and wedge designed to give minimal friction during opening and closing.
  • Bonnet linked to body by rotation welding. Max. permissible actuation torque: 70 Nm 
  • Support liners are required
  • 100% suitable for underground installations
  • Standard model: with over-winding security (break-off equipped) without handwheel and extension spindle
  • Installation instruction: tension-free underground installation – observe the installation directives ÖVGW G 52/2 and DVGW G 472
  • Temperature range: operation: -10°C to 50°C  Storage: -25°C to 70°C


Technical Characteristics:

1 Body and clamp POM

2 Stainless steel spindle

3 Wedge in brass, with vulcanized elastomer

4 Multiple O-ring shaft seal

5 O-rings elastomer

6 Dust cap of elastomer

7 Threaded connection for extension spindles

8 Spindle bearing

9 Spindle bundle of brass

10 Back seal


Product extensions
Suitable sundries:
Handwheel: No. 7800
Extension spindles: rigid No. 9101
telescopic No. 9601
Surface Box: rigid No. 1755
Base Plates: No. 3480, No. 3481

Over-winding security for
extension spindles
(break-off equipped)
Order no. 7839
(included in standard
Service Valve version)