Water combination air valve underground version Mod. Saturno

Thanks to its construction Saturno doesn't need constructionor any sectioning devicesto be installed  on the pipeand it turns  out to be the perfect  choice  whether for cost  savingsor or simply for practical  resons when digging and pits are not possible. The air valve will ensure the proper  operation of the pipeline networks allowing the release of air pockets during working conditions, the evacuation and  the entrance of large  volumes of air during filling and draining  operations.

Construction and  advantages
A new and reliable solution compared to the conventional way of installing air valves, requiring  deep excavation to house concrete structures and  whatever necessary to create the proper  pit like TE piece, sectioning devices, the  air valves  itself and  more.., Saturno innovative concept is based on the possibility of installing it directly on the TE piece before filling up the trench without any sectioning device,  therefore dramatically reducing the overall  cost. A simple  manhole on the ground  ( ON 300 mm is recommended) is sufficient to carry out proper maintenance.

The assemble is composed of:

a standpipe in stainless steel  firmly secured to the basement to protect  the air valves  inside  of it, and  to hold the  upper  guide  connected to the  manoeuvring system.

a flanged  basement to hold the check  valve and  the exhaust pipe 3/8"" to avoid the accumulation of water into the standpipe.

the combination air valve FOX 3F - M housed  into the flanged basement where  its movement is controlled by a manoeuvring shaft connected to its cover  and whose water   tightness   is   ensured   by   two   o-rings.

a cover in painted aluminium / HOPE.

The system described above allows for proper maintenance simply by sectioning the flow rotating  the air  valve  and   extracting  the  body  from  above. CSA tech  support is at your complete disposal for any further information you may need.

Operating principle

  1. Discharge of large volumes of air
    During pipe  filling it is necessary to discharge as much air as water flows in.
  2. Entrance of large volumes of air
    During pipeline  draining  or bursting  phases it is necessary to bring  in as much  air as the quantity  of out-flowing  water  to  avoid  vacuum conditions.
  3. Air release during working conditions. During operation, an  air pocket  accumulates in the upper  part of the valve, little by little it is compressed and its pressure arrives  to water pressure, its volume increases  pushing water  downwards. Following Archimedes's principle, the float, no longer  sustained by water thrust,  drops  freeing the nozzle  hole helping to release the air pocket,  while the upper  disk  closes the   main   orifice   due   to   internal   pressure.

For air flow performances of Saturno please  refer  to the chart depicted on the next page.



Tech features air valve Body and flange
GJS 500-7 entirely epoxy powder coated using fluidized  bed technology"
Cap and  mesh in stainless steel
Upper flat in polypropylene Float in polypropylene Nozzle in stainless steel"
Nuts  and bolts in stainless steel
Gaskets in NBR
Seat in stainless steel
Drainage valve in stainless steel

Tech features container
Cover in painted aluminium I HOPEP
Standpipe in stainless steel
Maneuvering pipe  in stainless steel
Support in stainless steel I steel painted using FBT
Elastic pins, nuts and bolts in stainless steel Basement in stainless steel  I steel painted using FBT
Check valve's shaft in stainless steel
Flange in stainless steel I painted carbon steel
Check valve in delrin
Fitting 3/8"" threaded


Working conditions
Potab  e water 70°C/1
58 °F Max; Maximum pressure 40 bar/580 psi; Minimum pressure 0.3 bar/4.35 psi.

it is recommended before  filling up the trench  to connect the 3/8 " fitting to a conveyance system to allow proper  drainage in case of water accumulation into the standpipe. It is also necessary to make  sure  that the upper  part between the cover and the manhole on the ground is not buried, so  as  to ensure maintenance and inspection.