NWL Service and Maintenance Complete Packages & Services Available

  • Pre and post Logging data.
  • Hydraulic design and consulting.
  • Commissioning.
  • Maintenance and rehab.
  • All pipeline and valve products supplied via one supplier approved by NWL.
  • Response times to be tailored around NWL and their personnel.
  • On hand 24 hour call out, for burst or maintenance instances.
  • Burst situations to be resolved in the time scale set by OFWAT for that geographical area.
  • Fully qualified Technical and Service Engineers.
  • Technicians are fully qualified for all types of valves.
  • Liaising with different suppliers or manufacturers concerning key products at key locations.
  • Working in conjunction with Framework Tier 1 and 2 Contractors.
  • Fully equipped vans for all applications or situations.
  • Key storage locations for stock and maintenance equipment 24 hours.
  • Installation of telemetry points at any location within the area of supply.
  • Water quality to be reviewed with in the network or at the application.
  • Short or long term agreements 1, 2, 5 or 10 years.
  • All products are to the requirements of European and British Standards.
  • One single source invoice.


Service and Maintenance Phase’s


Phase 1

Collection of all NWL data & GIS plot of all EOV site.

  • Arrange in a valve database file.
  • Undertake a full two man site audit or survey of all assets – Minimum of 2 sites per day.
  • Prepare a photographic and written description of each valve installation specifying lifting requirements and valve type, size and settings.
  • Deploy loggers to record the networks performance in the network around the valve.
  • Produce a report of all site findings.

Phase 2

  • From Phase 1 information - Determine whether the valve is still fit for purpose and/or financially viable to undergo a rehab program. If not put forward to NWL various replacement options.
  • Allocate resources required to undertake rehab or replacement valve program, and put forward proposal of costs to NWL for approval.
  • Brief all interested parties/stakeholders on what impact and improvements the maintenance overhaul will have on the network.
  • Arrange with NWL Distribution Department a schedule for rehab or valve replacement.
  • Undertake work required. (I do not think you need to say this )
  • Deploy loggers to record post maintenance performance.
  • Produce a report on all work undertaken and recommend when the next major service will be required.


IVL Flow-Control Design, Rehab, Maintenance, Install, Manufacturing and R&D

The technical design team at IVL Flow-Control have over 9 years experience working closely with Northumbrian Water’s Network Analysis department and the Regional Control Centre, to produce an automated network that is self-sustainable for the future.

Water distribution systems have developed almost organically as additional population requirements have expanded the network.  Unless costly periodical reviews of distribution infrastructure are carried out, water networks become chaotic resulting in inefficiencies in both water supply transfer capacity and distribution costs.

Maintenance is an on-going process for water companies and when compiling programs to replace aging key assets it would be advisable to consider the interaction the assets have on the distribution system as a whole and whether this can be improved when asset replacement is scheduled.

IVL Flow-Control’s multi-functional valve technology has allowed new pressure management techniques to be created that can automate network control, substantially reduce burst frequencies and levels of leakage.

This integrated system minimises “no water” and low pressure incidents, extends asset lifetime and reduces maintenance costs.  The system will regulate flow and pressure, reduce leakage, burst rates, and is self-optimising on cost and water quality basis.

Rehab and maintenance on all control valves will be maintained by our partner Utilitec Services, their expertise and knowledge of all manufactures of this type of valve is second to none and makes them number one in the UK for this type of work.

Rehab and install on all other equipment will be handled by our contracting partner Nomenca, they are one of the largest Civil and M&E contractors in the UK, and they currently hold 24 utility frameworks. 

Manufacturing will be handled in-house by IVL’s  on-site services experienced team which has many years of experience dealing with all product types in the water, waste water, industrial, chemical, marine and petrochemical industries.

As a service company IVL flow Control have the expertise and full understanding of the complete process that NWL administer in their pre-project design, the organisation of the individual contractors through to project finalisation.

We can bring together each element of this process and control the integration of all percipient member groups to establish a structured, planned and designed installation.

IVL Site Services Division

IVL Site Services Division specialises in “On Site” valve and actuator customer support. They are backed by an in house CAD design and a CNC machining centre with an experienced team of engineers able to fully support your site requirements for valves, actuated valves and associated equipment.

Services include installation of new or replacement actuated valves, manual valves and retrospective fitting of actuators to existing valves, penstocks and similar flow control equipment. Mounting kits, pedestals, shafting and all necessary engineered parts are designed and manufactured in house.

From enquiry to commissioning, our comprehensive service includes:


  • New valve and actuator packages
  • On site valve and actuator services.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Site Survey.
  • Manufacture of mounting kits and adaption.
  • In house CAD, CNC and fabrication.
  • ISO9001 2008.


Our Installation teams are:

CSCS trained and registered • EUSR skills certified for potable water site work Confined Space trained.



Installation Services - Utilitec

Utilitec is our technical servicing, data collection and Multi-Functional Control Valve commissioning partner.

Quality installations and commissioning are a key component to accurate and reliable data systems. With a fleet of trained and experienced Field Engineers covering the breadth of the UK, Utilitec is able to offer a range of installation, commissioning and maintenance services. With four UK offices plus a fully mobile team being continually supplied with jobs via hand held devices and stocked by a mobile equipment support vehicle, we are able to respond quickly to ensure rapid installations and short maintenance times.

With over 150,000 installations to date across the UK our system is finely tuned with a sophisticated job management and auto routing system at the heart ensuring efficiencies and rapid response. Each engineer is fully equipped for Gas and Water installations, ensuring that we consistently surpass the customers’ requirements and service level agreements.


Utilitec Services support the water utilities with their data logger installation and maintenance requirements to enable accurate monitoring, targeting and reporting for multiple purposes.

Installations are undertaken for pressure, flow and level applications on the water network in either, main slave chambers or hydrants, as required. To date over 75,000 units have been installed.

Engineers work remotely and autonomously within their region ensuring installations and maintenance activities are undertaken as per the service level agreement, both safely and accurately.

Work flows are sent electronically to PDAs allowing real time job allocation and reporting, in order to deliver the work efficiently.


Waste Water

Utilitec Services have dedicated, specially equipped teams providing installations and maintenance within the waste water sector. Trained to deploy various types of monitoring equipment from rain gauges to flow and level monitors. Working to approved ATEX regulations, the skilled Engineers can install and commission equipment safely and securely at the right location to ensure accurate and repeatable measurements, and data streams.

Supported from regional offices the teams are able to diagnose and resolve any unforeseen problems with the assistance of the “in house” Data Centre analysts. Efficient deployment and rapid maintenance is provided with the aid of our job management, routing systems and waste water service centre.

Whether it is a rain gauge or CSO level monitor we can ensure quality data and a rapid response to meet your requirements.



Utilitec's metering division assists water companies with day to day and long term issues with mechanical, electromagnetic and ultrasonic meters.

Metering and the accuracy of data recorded by all meters is essential for all water companies; to enable satisfactory completion of the water balance. Therefore, it is imperative that meters are operable and recording data reliably.

To this end Utilitec’s metering services team provides metering packages that will help attain this accuracy. Utilitec's meter verification and calibration services comply with best practice methods, as approved by the National Engineering Laboratory. We utilise Electromagnetic insertion probes and / or ultrasonic clamp on meters to verify and calibrate the flow through selected meters.

A meter maintenance package is also available which provides maintenance to DMA meters and all ancillary parts. Utilitec carry out meter surveys to establish meter faults including, but not limited to; pulse units, data loggers and mechanical parts. When practicable the internal workings will be removed, cleaned and replaced in fully working order.

We specialise in the diagnosis and fault rectification of Electromagnetic meters, which is critical in maintaining DMA operability.



Pressure Management

The primary objective of pressure management within a water network is to realise leakage and demand savings as quickly and effectively as possible. However, by reducing unnecessary pressure in a network, additional benefits are achieved.


Immediate Benefits

  • Lower average zone pressure
  • Reduced leakage and distribution input
  • Pumping, energy, CO2 and chemical cost reductions
  • Water efficiency savings resulting from reductions in demand

Long Term Benefits

  • Lower burst frequency and system protection
  • Reduction in repair and maintenance of the network
  • Network stabilisation / calming
  • Reduction in pressure complaints
  • Interruption to supply improvement
  • Increases security of supply
  • Positive impact to Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM)
  • Deferral of capital investment for network assets

A dedicated sustainable pressure management initiative is essential in any water company, owing to the immediate and longer term benefits attributable.


PRV Audits & Logging

Utilitec will undertake an audit of the PRV and zone to determine details such as manufacturer, model, size, pressures, mode of control, bypass arrangement, properties served and property heights. Pressure loggers are deployed at the PRV, the average zonal point (AZP) and critical point (CP). All pertinent information, including pressure and flow data, locations, digital photographs, GPS coordinates are uploaded onto either Utilitec’s bespoke database or similar corporate database, as required.


PRV Servicing

Based on the make, size, pressure differential, mode of control and properties served, each valve is ranked using a customised scoring matrix to determine the PRV servicing frequency and service category i.e. minor or major. Pressure data is taken before and after each service to analysis the PRV’s performance.


PRV Optimisation

Based on logged data and analysis of the pressure managed area (PMA), Utilitec make recommendations for pressure management to ensure that the PRV is delivering optimum pressure to the PMA. This may be as a result of fixed outlet reduction or advanced pressure control.


Consultancy Services           

Utilitec have invested heavily in expanding their skill set, we have a broad range of services to offer our clients and have extensive experience in working for water companies. Our expertise not only centres around data collection and management but we have a strong experienced team, focused on designing and delivering leakage savings and network optimisation via multiple applications.

Our pressure management services range from

  • Data collection
  • Asset identification
  • Asset Database creation
  • New scheme design
  • Existing scheme optimisation
  • Control valve servicing
  • Design, deployment and maintenance of advanced pressure control systems


Our team of Network Engineers are able to quickly identify areas for pressure management and model predicted savings based on various control strategies.

Deploying data loggers to collect data to really find out how the network works we are able to optimise existing pressure managed areas design new schemes and service and maintain existing control valves.

Typically our work is targeted around leakages savings and burst reduction so you can be sure of value for money and quick returns.


Air Valve Analysis

As part of Utilitec’s pressure management investigations, on behalf of various water companies, we are increasingly finding instances where burst clusters appear be attributed to insufficient, poorly maintained or incorrectly placed air valves.

Consequently, Utilitec undertake geospatial analysis of the Water Company’s entire network to identify where burst clusters could be associated to air valves and priorities a list for investigation.

This results in the recommendation to either replace or install new air valves. To date these recommendation’s equate to approximately 50% of the schemes investigated.

The significant benefit of improving air valve operability is the reduction in burst main occurrence, however the additional benefits are the increase in the hydraulic performance of the network, which in turn leads to a decrease in pumping costs and network calming/stabilisation.

Field Engineers

Utilitec have on hand 4 Field Engineers throughout the day covering the Northumbrian Water Area and 2 Field Engineers available throughout the night, at any time no more than hour and half from any situation.


Civils and Mechanical Engineering Contractor

Nomenca are our partner for all civils and mechanical engineering requirements, for day to day applications and burst situations 24 hours a day.

Nomenca's scope includes design and project management of MEICA and turnkey works in the Water, Power, Rail, Defence and Industrial sectors.

In addition to our contracting services we offer a range of high quality waste water and water treatment products and systems. These consist of both standard modular designs as well as client specific and are continuously proven to be effective.

Nomenca has made substantial investment in experienced, qualified personnel and equipment in order to ensure that we maintain the high level of technical and project management skills that our clients demand. Through this continual investment the company is capable of offering our clients comprehensive, professional contract management and design services from project inception through design, construction, installation and to final commissioning and testing. This also includes laser surveying and 3D modelling services.

Nomenca is proud of its record of excellent client relationships and repeat business, which have been built on close co-operative working practices and sound, innovative, cost effective 'Value Engineering' solutions. These strengths have contributed greatly to the company's solid development within all industries.

With our sister company North Midland Construction Civils, Nomenca can also offer the convenience and commercial benefits of a 'One-Stop Shop' for combined Civil and MEICA turnkey projects.


Scope of the Contract Offer - Costing’s


Service and Maintenance Phase’s

Phase 1

  • Collection of all past to present site information (GIS plots, existing performance)
  • Consult all interested parties/stakeholders as to their requirements for site operations.
  • Deploy a two man site audit / survey team with a fully qualified and equipped vans for all site requirements and safety to assets – Minimum of 2 sites per day.
  • Deploy loggers to record pre-log the networks performance to confirm NWL performance data accuracy.
  • Produce a fully site audit report on all findings.

Charge per Day:-  £ TBA (required to undertake the above tasks two days for two sites)


Phase 2

  • From Phase 1’s information - Determine whether the valve is still fit for purpose and/or finically viable to undergo a rehab program. If not put forward to NWL various replacement options.
  • Allocate resources required to undertake rehab or replacement valve program, and put forward proposal of costs to NWL for approval.
  • Brief all interested parties/stakeholders on what impact and improvements the maintenance overhaul will have on the network.
  • Arrange with NWL network operation a schedule for rehab / valve replacement.
  • Undertake work required.
  • Deploy loggers to record post maintenance networks performance.
  • Report on all work undertaken and recommend a schedule for each valve.
  • Supply a full data certification and maintenance warranty of 12 months.


Charge per Site:-  £ TBA
The above is for labour and site equipment, there will be added costings for spares, replacement valves or pipeline products.


EOV Valve replacement and Emergency burst response

1 Year Contract – Daily rate 8:30 to 17:00 hrs

  • Maintenance installation team, 2-3 person team.
  • Fully qualified and equipped vans for all applications.
  • Logging before and after maintenance.
  • EOV testing, Service or Rehab.
  • EOV Removal and Replacement.
  • Design modification of installation.
  • Civils and M&E Contracting.
  • Full detailed report to be submitted to NWL after completion, including parts removed or replaced and step by step photos.
  • Full data certification and maintenance warranty 12 months.

Charge per installation      £ TBA
The above is for labour and site equipment, there will be added costings for valve or pipeline products.


1 Year Contract – After Hours rate 17:00 to 08:30 hrs

  • Burst recovery team, 4-5 person team.
  • Fully qualified and equipped vans for all applications.
  • EOV Service or Replacement
  • Burst replacement or repair.
  • Logging data confirmation and certified.
  • Full detailed report to be submitted to NWL after completion.
  • Full certification and maintenance warranty 12 months.

Charge per burst                  £ TBA
The above is for labour and site equipment, there will be added costings for valve or pipeline products.




ISO9001 Certified.                                                                     ISO14001 Certified.
Full Insurance.                                                                          Full CSCS Certified.
SSWRW (formerly known as chapter 8:                                        Manual Handling.
signing, lighting and guarding).                                                   First Aid.
Safe Entry into Confined Space Certified.                                     Risk Assessment:
Safe Hygienic Practices for the Water                                          IOSHH Managing Safely
Distribution Network.


Innovation and Future proofing networks – A Greener Future

IVL Flow Control Ltd Joint Venture with Zeropex & the Difgen Power Generation System


Case Study: Colliford Dam

Client: South West Water Application:

Raw water flow control on impounding reservoir discharge to river

Key facts:

  • Difgen Model:    DG18-73
  • Differential Pressure: 1.5 - 2.5bar
  • Flow Range:        70 to 327l/s
  • Power Output:  45kW
  • Annual Reveune:               57,000 GBP
  • Payback Period:                 2.23 years Background:

Colliford Reservoir is used to discharge water into the River Fowey for compensation flow as well as for re- abstraction at Restormel water treatment works. The reservoir maintains a head of between 1.5 and 2.5 Bar all year round with release flows fluctuating greatly from a minimum continuous compensation flow of 70 l/s up to major short term releases of 1,000 l/s. The release from the reservoir is to atmosphere with no retained pressure downstream but had to be accurately flow controlled to keep within the boundaries set by the Environment Agency.

The solution:

South West Water chose to use the Zeropex turbine for this application even though no pressure was required downstream. The Zeropex turbine was able to work effectively and efficiently across the wide range of flows seen and could also keep that efficiency at the low heads available. The speed control of the turbine allows South West Water to select a remote flow set point from the Restormel works so that the required release can be achieved. The Zeropex turbine accurately controls the flow released to match the tight requirements of discharge at this site.



M2M the future of communication

This is not revolution, but the evolution that began years ago with the advent of SCADA and HMI (Human Machine Interface).

  • The simplicity, affordability, mobility and wide availability offered by M2M communications will allow for millions of devices to be connected and managed remotely.
  • Suddenly, traditionally dump mechanical items become intelligent
  • M2M will allow for instruments, machinery and other devices to communicate with each other and take decisions or actions without human intervention.