IVL Flow-Control is a company specifically set up to offer the Water Utilities and Industrial Markets:

  • Commissioning
  • Servicing
  • Full Maintenance
  • Hydraulic Design
  • Network Design
  • Pressure Management Model
  • Full Technical Support
  • In-House and On-Site Training

The aim of IVL Flow-Control is to save money on all aspects of Leakage and Pressure Management.  We at IVL Flow-Control want to assist you with taking control of your Network or Installation, by offering advanced hydraulic solutions and services ensuring savings are made on every single drop of water produced.

Our Network Control Model through Advanced Hydraulic Engineering solutions will help to reduce your carbon foot print, Utilise Greener Products and Solutions, a long Term Service and Maintenance Warranty for the complete piece of mind.
The responsibility will be on IVL Flow-Control to make the considerable savings and to take pressure of the increasing overheads of the Utilities or projects.
A Full Rehab Service will be available on all make of Control Valves that meet the right European Certifications.

Our concept of an Autonomous smart network
IVL Flow Control Ltd have a specialised knowledge of hydraulic control valves and air valves which can add a unique design concept to the construction of a water distribution network, providing the utility or municipality with the ability of constructing a smart hydraulic control valve model which adds a completely different dimension to normal network control theory’s. Our model provides an autonomous water distribution system that can ensure security of supply, maintains customer levels of service whilst delivering water at the lowest possible cost and reducing your carbon foot print by providing solutions for a greener future including power generation when possible.
Our Hydraulic Autonomous smart network model will provide the following key features, using the hydraulic profile of the mains network as an information source:-

  • Security of supply to key areas of the network.
  • Automatically supplying water from the cheapest source of water first 
  • A control valve theory that will automatically re-route water and stop the flow of water in the event of burst trunk main.
  • The construction of a smart autonomous water distribution system that will maintain a minimum level of infrastructure.

All of the above can be done without the need for a telemetry control system however each and every control node can also be linked to a telemetry control network for even more advanced remote network control.